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2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review


2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review

The 2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review was well, interesting.  Here’s Atomic, a company known for making top of the line race skis who’s now producing freeride skis, uh ok.  Going into this review I had it in my head that I was looking for a replacement ski for my current all mountain ski, a 2013 Line Blend.  The Blend is an awesome ski don’t get me wrong, but I was looking for something more stable at high speeds, an issue I often found restricted on the Blend’s.

I ended up taking out the Atomic Alibi for a few reasons.  One, its similar shape to the Blend.  The Alibi rocks a 131- 98- 117 shape and has an 18 meter turn radius, both specs being similar to the Blend, minus the Alibi having more taper in the tail it’s very similar in shape.  The Alibi also begins to taper further down the ski at the tip than what I previously skied giving it a spoon shape and allowing it to float better in powder.  The other big kicker was the Titanium backbone integrated into the ski, making it much more stable at high speeds.

Clicking into this ski and riding up the lift, I was definitely optimistic and had my doubts about it.  I demoed this ski at Sugarbush Resort which happened to be 100% open on the day I skied.  My first run was taking the connector trail from the Super Bravo chair to Heaven’s gate chair.  Almost instantly I could feel the liveliness of this ski, and was very, very surprised.  Now I wouldn’t say I ski GS racing fast, but I ski faster than the average skier on the slope and this ski rocked at going fast.  The first trail I took was low angle with wide clearance giving me the chance to get on edge and make some fast long radius turns.  I felt a little unstable exiting the turn at first, but that was more due to the fact that I’m use to my old skis flexing differently out of a turn.  Once the friend I was with helped me adjust my form, shredding on this ski became amazing.  We proceeded to hop on Ripcord, which hadn’t been groomed and was rocking long whalebacks with a soft dusting of powder forming into hard ice below.  Not ideal conditions to be honest, but these skis had no problem with the changes in snow consistency.

After ripcord we took another ride up the Heaven’s Gate Triple and then ripped a fast one down Jester towards Spring Fling.  Again, high speeds and long radius turns were awesome on these skis.  Even in the crud these skis had no problem.  It almost felt easy skiing theses skis, which is how it should be.  Next run I wanted to ski bumps and we opted after heavy debate to ski Domino.  Domino is one of those trails that looks great from the headwall, but then narrows and takes a steep right hander that normally is skied off down to rocks.  We approached the entrance to the trail, eyeing over the headwall noticing the normal amount of yard sales you’d expect to see on Domino.  This time it was a boyfriend and girlfriend, the boyfriend on a snowboard and the girlfriend above him resting skis uphill, in a valley of some monster Volkswagen sized moguls.  We hollered down to make sure she was okay, and after the frustrated response of yes dropped in._4286464

I love to ski moguls, bumps and off- piste chop is absolutely my favorite part of skiing.  I like to make short radius turns over uneven terrain.  Skiing Domino is probably the point when I really fell in love with the Atomic Alibi’s.  Normally on a ski with metal, you expect it to be stiff and unforgiving- Not the case on these bad boy’s.  It was the perfect combination of bite and flex that made it a great bump ski.  We took our time through the monster moguls off the headwall of Domino and progressed towards the narrow right hander.  I worked around the right hander to see the normal amount of snow skied off, but just enough on the left side of the trail to make some tight turns.  Being more confident about the skis strapped to my feet, I took the line and skied it smoothly.

I really found my sync with these skis, and did it in about two and a half hours.  It normally takes me a season to really find the comfort zone of a ski.  Needless to say, I’m sold and if you ski like me, aggressive but like to play around on the snow, and not ski the normal routine of trails, consider the Atomic Alibi.  It’s a freeride ski for a reason and you can definitely tell.  Available in 173, 180 and 187, this ski can be purchased at Basin Sports or online at  This is a flat mount ski so you will have to purchase a binding for it as well.  I really like the Salomon STH 16 and when I purchase the ski in the fall, will most likely mount it with this binding.  If you have any more questions about the ski feel free to call the shop at 802-422-3234.

Ski Specs:

Rocker Type: All Mountain Rocker

Sidecut: Twin Progressive Sidecut
Core: Wood
Laminates: Titanium Backbone
Sidewalls: Step Down Sidewall
Terrain: All-Mountain
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Turning Radius: Medium
Core/Laminates: Wood
Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip
Warranty: 1 Year (2 Years with Atomic Bindings)
Size (cm) 173 180 187
Tip Width (mm) 131 132 133.5
Waist Width (mm) 98 98 98
Tail Width (mm) 117 118 119.5
Turning Radius (m) 18 19 19.5
Indiv. Ski Weight (g) 2060


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