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2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski Review

The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski Review Revolutionizing and Finessing the Women’s Ski Industry

2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski Review

The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski is relentless but in a good way. Relentless in the since that you can ski all day with ease. You can navigate variable terrain and feel right at home. For the woman who’s an intermediate to advanced level skier and wants an affordable stick to shred gnar on, well yeah the 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 is going to rock your socks off.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty right away shall we? The sport of skiing has exploded in popularity in the last 5 years thanks to rockered ski technology. At the forefront of this wave stood K2 and its Women’s ski line. Believe me when I say it but “women’s” skis weren’t always badass and well-constructed as they are today. For a little while companies believed “women’s” skis needed to fit what was thought to be the typical female skier- an intermediate level skier who was cautious and well weak. K2 was NOT one of those companies and the LUV line proves it.

Durable, not to aggressive but not too soft either. Perfect pretty much sums this ski up. The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski is for the women looking for adventure. The lady who loves to ski but wants something that does everything. This ski embodies a do all, go everywhere and fit into a few different levels of skier types. In fact, K2 is so anti “Women’s Specific” they even wrote this in their product description on their website.

With the same Bioflex Konic genes as its bigger sisters, the 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski slims down and bridges the gap between versatile freeride and confident all-mountain skiing. We don’t throw the term “women’s-specific” around lightly – the 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski was built for the lady shredder who stuns the slopes in deep powder, over fresh cord, and through wily bumps alike.

So the dirty details are this. You’re getting a 88 underfoot ski. This is a good width for the All- Mountain skier that’s mainly east coast based. If you’re out west possibly consider going wider. It’s a flat mount ski so you’re responsible for your binding option. It comes in 156, 163 and 170 which is great if you’re tall like me and ski a 170. The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski has K2’s All- Terrain rocker which enables off-piste skiing while maintaining control on the groomers. It’s got a metal laminate in it for snap and control at high speeds and in bumps. That mixed with a Fir- Aspen core makes this ski fast, light and fun. For some reason the Beach Boys Song, Fun, Fun, Fun just popped into my head- fitting for the image this ski portrays.

For the lady looking to get on a new All- Mountain ski, well look no further. Give us a shout if you have any question too, we love to just chat about skis. If you’re already convinced that this is the ski you want, the ski you need well Click Here for free shipping and smiles!

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