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Killington Snow Report December 31, 2017

Killington Snow ReportBasin Sports Killington Snow Report For December 31, 2017

Words and KTown Wizardry Provided By Basin Ambassador “KMAN” Rob K

Brrrrr is the word of the day at K. Awoke to 12 below zero with strong wind gusts. While the spirit was willing,  there clearly were some moments of doubt. Nevertheless, every journey begins with a single step. Put on an extra base layer and suited up. The Basin’s SmartWool balaclava and Serius face mask saved the day!  Essential in these arctic-like temps.

Skyeburst skied great with a few guns after Viper Pit producing dry powder on the final descent to the SPQ chair.  Gateway in the sun felt great as did Bear Claw. While a bit wind scoured in places, the reward was the power turn into Lower Wildfire that skied like a dream. After reloading the SPQ, it was time for a warm-up ride on the Skyeship. As I started my descent to Bittersweet the wind gusts were nearly blowing me back up to Skyepeak. Persevered and the ride down Cruise Control was a treat. Next on my playlist from the Skyeship summit was a favorite…..Skylark! Snow surface was smooth and fast and as I tried to schuss across the bottom of Superstar the wind was trying to hold me back. Made it to K-1 by 8:45 with the sign showing -13 degrees.

After riding in a frosted cabin, upon arrival at the Peak, someone said: “Hey it’s minus 18 degrees”!  With the guns blasting on Cascade I decided to skip it and instead head to Rime to Lower East Fall.  It was a great decision because when I finally did a coffee break at the Peak I meet 4-5 skiers who said zero visibility on Cascade! One hit a wall chunk and tweaked his knee. Another said be bailed out at the last minute.  Net I made a great decision.

The final descent from the Peak to Bear felt cold and the wind gusts at Bear were incredible. However, I’m delighted I skied the final day of the year!!!  Despite the fridged weather my  Spyder outfit, leather gloves, headgear and boot heaters saved the day at K.  Happy New Year to all!

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