An Update For Season Lease Customers | Basin Sports

This winter season was a bit unexpected for all of us. We understand that some of you are unable to return your leased equipment at this time due to stay at home orders put forth by your state. Some of you have been able to swing by and that’s great, Thank You! For those of you who can’t and won’t be able to visit the shop in the near future- it’s okay! We’ve got a plan for you.

Keep Your Equipment

No really, hang on to it. We might call and check in and see how things are going, but seriously hang on to your lease equipment. When things get back to normal next season and you do come up to the mountain to prepare for skiing we’ll be here waiting.

And if you decide you want to do a lease again for another year we’ll charge you $99 for the lease to make up for a shortened 19/20 ski season. We’re still working out some of the fine print for this package, but we want to be here for you, and support you in this unpredictable time. So keep calm, and carry on- we’ll see you in the winter.

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