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I’m A certified pedoritist and certified bootfitter. I’ve been working at Basin Sports for 29 years and know all the ends and outs of ski boot fitting. Backed by excellent co-workers, customers and products I stand behind my boot fitting work and can get you back out on the hill skiing happily.


Before working at Basin I was an independent sales rep for 25 years, specializing in Dachstein, Dalbello and Petersen Labs Orthodics. I was also a shop owner and have over 37 years bootfitting experience.


I am a Masterfit Certified bootfitter with 26 years of experience. I began my career in Colorado and have been in Vermont working at Basin Sports for 17 years. I am dedicated to making sure each customer has a great experience in the shop and out on the hill.

When your foot and ankle bones are pressured by a hard-plastic shell, you can expect problems. This is where shell and liner modification comes into play. Modifying the shells and liner to match the shape of your foot can be done by heating and reshaping the plastic with an assortment of specialized tools, presses and dies.   (also known as “punching” the boot). Certain manufacturers offer custom shells and liners that can be molded to you foot using an oven and stack heater.  If you are looking for complete 100% custom boots see “Custom Boots & Liners” section.

Common situations that call for modifying the boot shell include:

  • Bunions or Tailor’s Bunion (sixth toe)
  • Pronounced ankle or navicular bones
  • Bone spurs or exostosis
  • Hardware or tender spots from surgery
  • Cold feet or Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Foot is wider then the shell’s last or the forefoot of the boot
  • Instep pressure
  • Downsizing for the sake of performance.
  • Not supporting the foot within the boot (i.e. footbeds)

With changing technology, plastics used on boots have different characteristics. Therefore, some plastics take more skill and time to modify. So please know that heating up plastic and cooling it takes time. In some instances, we strive to accommodate your time frame but be prepared for the modifying to be overnight.

*We also work on AT, Telemark, Snowboard as well as Alpine boots.

Boot Shell Modifications

Every Foot is Different...

Every skier or snowboarder regardless of ability or experience level, can benefit from having a custom footbed made for them. Custom footbeds are molded to your foot by taking an impression.  Think of a footprint in wet sand which is unique to you and supports your entire foot evenly.

We cast that impression or direct mold using Conform’able by Sidas. We offer 6 different custom casting blanks and a variety of posting materials to address all types of foot issues. Not all foot biomechanics are identical therefore the support device needs to accommodate each foot type.  We can cast semi-weighted or weighted. We also carry a variety of over the counter or accommodative footbeds for an alternative to custom support.

  • A supported foot is stable, strong, balanced, relaxed and neutral inside the boot, while an unsupported one is weak, unbalanced and easily fatigued.
  • Much of the discomfort skiers and boarders experience is a result of an unsupported foot trying to stay balanced, working too hard to steer the through the turn and over compressing the boot to quiet the foot.
  • Custom Footbeds can also take pressure off the ball of the foot with Metatarsalgia and Neuroma issues
  • Proper footbeds are essential for an effective fit and maintaining a boot that fits more like a sock.

The process of molding a custom footbed typically takes 20 minutes of your time.  However the finished product takes about an hour uninterrupted. So we usually plan on having it for you the next day.

Our custom beds cost $179. If you purchase a boot from the Basin we discount that to $129 because we want you to have one with our fit! Happy feet are happy customers.

Customize Your Skiing Potential

Custom is loosely phrased when taking about a ski boot. Certain manufacturers offer custom shells and liners that can be molded to you foot. Modifying a boot to customize it your foot is also part of the “custom” scenario. However, at Basin Sports we offer a few brands of boots that can be 100% completely customizable. One hundred percent customizable consists of a custom insole, an empty bladder which gets foam injected while deciding of a boot of choice.

How to decide to go 100% custom boot? Have you always struggled with the fit and performance of “off the shelf” boots? Do you want a tighter fit that even race boots don’t offer? Do you have a extremely large calf, wide foot or a overly high instep? Or maybe you’ve always had one and just like it. These are some of the reasons to consider a 100% custom boot.

The most notable 100% custom ski boot is a Strolz from Lech Austria. The modern Strolz design is focused on comfort and function. Eight decades and four generations of experience has proved the absolute necessity of uniting both demands. Just as Martin Strolz combined his experiences as a master orthopedic shoemaker and alpine racer, Hannes Strolz has expanded his acquired shoemaking craft with a formal degree in industrial and mechanical design. Strolz is constantly furthering their boot know-how and development. When manufacturing ski boots, they incorporate the latest discoveries in material research and orthopedics. That’s why each Strolz ski boot generation sets new standards in fitting form, wearing comfort and power transmission.

Going custom doesn’t always mean a Strolz. We can foam almost any boot. Our other bladders that Basin Sports inject foams is by Conformable and Boot Doc. Besides a custom foam injected liner you can also customize a boot using a heat molded liner we offer by Intuition.

There are so many options in boot fitting options talk to one of our staff to decide if it is right for you.

Advanced analysis technology to assess your foot type, ability and biomechanics (foot stance, foot type, leg alignment) allows us to choose the correct level of fit, comfort and performance for your ski boots.

Foot pressure and balance scan

“Stance Analysis” is a broad term to describe the process of determining what modifications to equipment are needed to balance an athlete.

  • Examines posture and alignment; balance and co-ordination and your ability to react and adjust to changes in movement and terrain.
  • Enables our technicians to assess the efficiency of your neuromuscular feedback before and after fitting ski boots and custom insoles.
  • Correcting the alignment results in improved stability and balance indicated by the green oval.

Sole Planing a boot requires grinding the sole to change the angle in which the bottom of the boot sole meets the ski. Then plates are screwed it on the heel and toes and routered to meet ISO din standards.

Bowlegged or severely knee knocked skiers could benefit from this process. Plating a boot for a leg length discrepancy also falls into this category. However not all boot soles are able to be ground.

In an instance your boot is not able to be planed, Cantology may be an option. Hence again not all boots are able to work with this system.There are binding heel plates and shims that could be used to cant when traditional planing or cantology is not an option.

There are some things to consider before you decide you would like to invest in canting or planing your boot as many times a boot can be canted inside the boot


  • Make sure the boot fits
  • Make sure the boot has a custom insole
  • Make sure the boot stance is proper for your biomechanics.
  • Make sure the upper cuff on the boot, if any is adjusted.

Boot Alignment Adjustments To Serve You And Your Feet

Customization Isn't Just For Skiers...

Whether you have years of snowboarding under your belt or are gearing up for your first season, a pair of boots will dictate the quality of your experience. Much like a snowflake, every foot is different: what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. It’s important to find the right pair of boots for your feet, and taking the time to try on various styles and sizes will ensure happy feet all season long.

That said, there are a lot of choices out there. How do you even begin to narrow down the selections? Our bootfitters aren’t just focused on skiers. Snowboarders deserve comfortable boots too. We can adjust and customize your snowboard boots to fit your feet so you can spend more time shredding and less time sitting in the lodge.

Heel to Toe Basin sports offers stance and custom fittings for boarders. We offer you:

  • Custom insoles
  • For and Aft balancing and stance alignment
  • Stiffening or softening a boot
  • Stretching and modifying hot spots
  • Tightening up loose toe side turns or overall fit


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