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K2 Mindbender 88 Alliance Vs. Blizzard Black Pearl 88

K2 Mindbender 88 Alliance Vs. Blizzard Black Pearl 88

A Comprehensive Review of these two 2020 Ladies All-Mountain Skis K2 Mindbender 88 Alliance Vs. Blizzard Black Pearl 88- A Look At The Pro’s and Con’s Of Both   As the holidays of 2018 approached rumors started to swirl that K2 Skis had something psychedelic brewing. When our industry Demo Day rolled around and we… Read More

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Devinci Troy

Devinci Troy Carbon GX Review

A Technical All-Mountain Brawler – Devinci Troy Carbon GX Review   The Devinci Troy at first glance looks like any modern trail bike. It’s low, slack and comes equipped with 150mm of travel. Basin Sports brought in Devinci this year so we were excited to put a “new to us” trail bike on dirt. I’m going… Read More

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Salomon Shift Binding

Salomon Shift Binding Review

An Overview of the Highly Anticipated Salomon Shift Binding I first heard of the new Salomon Shift Binding through my College Alumni Group on Facebook. See I went to school for Mountain Recreation Management so when something this big (that could dramatically change the AT binding game) gets released we gear addicts get a little… Read More

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Descente Izzy Gear Review

Descente Izzy Gear Review And The Ski Industry Values Descente As A Brand When I think of Descente I think of those new Buick Commercials on TV. There’s the young “millennial” saying to their friend over the phone, “I’m in the Buick.” And the friend responds, “I don’t see a Buick.” Though they’re standing right… Read More

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Jones Dreamcatcher Snowboard Review

New for 2018 the Jones Dreamcatcher is catching ladies eyes. It’s not just the pretty graphic that makes the Jones Dreamcatcher so special though. The technology, design, and durability make this deck stand out amongst the rest.     First off, you get directional rocker. Now in a snowboard and if you’re new to snowboarding… Read More

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Black Diamond Mission Parka Gear Review

From Epic Backcountry Adventures To Deep Resort Days The Mission Parka Is Your Best Friend Skiing just got a whole lot warmer… Black Diamond Equipment is rooted in a mountaineering background. Their product is simplistic in design, but built to last. For decades Rock Climbers and Mountaineers alike stood by Black Diamond for its reliability. So a… Read More

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2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski Review

The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski Review Revolutionizing and Finessing the Women’s Ski Industry The 2017 K2 ALLUVit 88 Ski is relentless but in a good way. Relentless in the since that you can ski all day with ease. You can navigate variable terrain and feel right at home. For the woman who’s an intermediate… Read More

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2017 snowboard review 2017 ride warping review

Gear Review Ride 2017 Warpig

2017 Ride Warpig Review The first time I rode the 2017 Ride Warpig was at the Stowe Demo last season. It was the board I was most stoked to get some runs on (mostly because it looks so badass and was given the name “Warpig”). The only problem was the buckets of rain that fell… Read More

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