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Killington Bike Park Trail Report for Friday August 29, 2014


As we move closer to Labor Day, we will begin to cut back on our daily bike reports to weekends only as bike season comes to a close. For today, temps will remain in the low 70’s with sunny skies and light wind.  A similar forecast is predicted for tomorrow with sunny skies and low 70’s temps.  The K-1 Gondola will run from 10-5 today, servicing all 34 open trails.  We have not seen a ton of rain in the past few days, so expect things to be dry and loose.  The access road in particular will start kicking stones and loosening up in the turns so be ready to drop a foot as you are likely to lose your rear end through the turns.  For a technical, fun trail I’d suggest trying #23 Low Rider.

  • Shop pick trail of the day is #23 Low Rider
  • Warnings: Dry conditions

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Trail Number Trail Name Trail Difficulty Trail Distance Status
1 Take it Easy Green 3.8 Mile Open
1A Keep Taken’ It Easy Green 0.8 Mile Open
2 The Light Green 1.7 Mile Open
3 Solitude Blue 1 Mile Open
4 Double O Blue 0.7 Mile Open
5 Pipe Dream Blue 0.5 Open
6 Six Blue 2 Mile Open
7 Scarecrow Black 2.5 Mile Open
8 Flume Loop Blue 0.8 Mile Open
9 Sister of Six Black 0.7 Mile Open
10 Junk Yard Dog Green 1 Mile Open
11 The Outback Black 2.7 Mile Open
12 Wood Stove Black 0.7 Mile Open
13 Hold On Black 0.7 Mile Open
14 Squeeze Play Black 0.8 Mile Open
15 Ramshead Road Black 0.4 Mile Open
16 Edgemont Loop Blue 1.3 Mile Open
17 Highride Run Green 1.8 Mile Open
18 Cable Trail Black 0.2 mile Open
19 Wits Wiggle Green 0.7 Mile Open
21 Piper Black 1.5 Mile Open
22 Hammer Green 0.7 Mile Open
23 Low Rider Double Black 0.7 Mile Open
24 Roller Blue 0.75 Mile Open
25 Highlander Blue 0.5 Mile Open
26 Rabbit Run Blue 0.5 Mile Open
27 Northbrook Green 0.6 Mile Open
28 Beauty Blue 0.3 Mile Open
29 Beast Black 1.5 Mile Open
30 Funny Bone Double Black 1.5 Mile Open
31 Stinky Black 0.4 Mile Open
32 Chunnel Double Black 0.7 Mile Open
33 Yo Vinny Double Black 0.6 Mile Open
34 Foxy Roxy Double Black 0.5 Mile Open

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