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Killington Bike Report – Pro GRT Race Weekend

Killington Bike Report – Pro GRT Race Weekend

Bike Race brings over 300 Pro Riders to Town!

Today’s Killington Bike Report comes from our Out of Bounds staff member, Chris Viers.  What a gorgeous, sunny day up at Killington for the final practice day of the Pro GRT Downhill Race.The trails were nice and dry considering the rain this past week, which is just what the trails need from time to time. The Killington Bike Park Crew are killing it, opening up new trails and maintaining our favorite bike park! The Ramshead lift is up and running this weekend for the downhill race. The lift was open to the public today and everyone could ride the combo of upper Black Magic to Snake Bite to Sideshow Bob. I did this exact run twice today because it was in great condition and it has a little bit of everything. First you hit Black Magic to catch some air, then head to the woods for technical sections over rocks, roots, and tight corners, and finally cruise through one of my favorite trails, Sideshow Bob. If you haven’t gone down Sideshow Bob yet, you need too! It’s an awesome smooth section with lots of flow, pumping, and carveable turns. The downhill race goes down tomorrow so make sure to visit Ramshead to watch some insane riders take on the Goat Skull course. Ramshead lift will be open only to the racers tomorrow and then every weekend starting next Saturday.  All of the action was going down at the lower mountain so I mostly stayed at Ramshead and Snowshed, but I heard from plenty of people that the upper mountain was in good shape as well. Lots of exciting stuff happening this weekend here at Killington so make sure you don’t miss it! Stop by True Wheels Bike Shop for any parts or service. Our summer clothing is 30% off right now so come check it all out and enjoy your ride this weekend!


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