Killington's First Snow A Glimpse Of What's To Come

First Snow A Glimpse Of What’s To Come

Yesterday morning (October 26th) was horrible. I woke up to rain, drove to work in the rain and worked all day in the rain. It was cold, damp and not fun. With an unseasonably warm fall  my mind had been focused on biking still and hadn’t really switched to winter. The rain sucked. I couldn’t ride my bike or ski- I was stuck. So here I am working, feeling down because of the rain and thought (for  a laugh) to pull up the mountain webcam and see if I could get a look at what was happening at the peak. So I pull up the webcam, the 360 cam first and lo and behold, there’s some white stuff up there. Before I can think the marketer in me get’s thrown into overdrive. If I can beat the mountain to posting about the first snow at their resort then I’m doing okay. (I did not beat them this time). Next, I click over to the North Ridge webcam, which provides much better live coverage and snag a screenshot and proceed to post it on all of our Social Media channels. Keep in mind the peak is still covered with clouds so very few in town know that there’s snow on the peak. I‘ve now uploaded the webcam image and can now take a breather.
Fifteen minutes after this one of the managers comes darting into the office shouting, “There’s snow on the peak!” to which I reply, “I’m one step ahead of you.” You’ve got to understand this is a pretty big deal- first snow that is. Even if it doesn’t amount to much, and even if it melts the next day it symbolizes the start of winter and even more so symbolizes the start of ski season which we rely on to make a living. I posted this content sometime around 5PM and was already out the door in a way so I didn’t have too much time to try and snag photos of the peak exposed, plus it was getting dark by then.
This morning was different and this morning was brilliant. We all know that turn, that turn by the foundry where you get your first glimpse of the mountain in all its glory- this time dusted in snow. I drive to the Basin, walk in the door and the first thing I go for is the DSLR camera, a long lens and a UV filter. I then proceed to head to the roof, this is where the majority of photos taken of the mountain is captured. I start snapping photos and since I’ve taken enough photos of this mountain, I have a general idea of how to make her look her best and what angle to get. I walk downstairs, pop the SD card in my computer and start editing the photos. I wish I could say the photos have #nofilter, but any credible photographer will admit to some post-production to just make the images pop a bit.

It wasn’t until this photo, the one above that I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind going skiing right now.” I don’t find it too far fetched to think that someone is up there skiing that fast grass too. This is nothing substantial snowfall wise, but it signifies A change in seasons. We predict skiing by the end of next week. The beast often doesn’t disappoint and with 365 being their big push that would mean the resort has to either open again for Mountain Biking the weekend of the 4th and 5th or have the North Ridge up and operating by then.The winter itch is real and it needs scratching, who’s with us?

P.S: If you’d like to use these photos please tag @BasinSports so we get some credit. Or just ask- we’ll probably say yes.

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