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Photos and Words by Basin Ambassador and Killington Local Tricia Noelle

No lack of ski season stoke as lift spins~ The beginning of the ski season is always a time of excitement. Some wait before the sun rises for the gondola to turn on opening day, others may opt to a midweek start, and others might not have gotten to make turns on snow yet; but all share one thing in common, and that is stoke for the return of the winter.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins

The conditions for early season have been a little bit of everything so far; from passing clouds, moments of sun, soft spring conditions, the magical manmade snow our snowmakers make, and even flurries that fell in clumps yesterday. The coverage and conditions have been stellar in North Ridge, and while a short run in comparison to what we will have in a few months, laps on Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall are plenty to reawaken muscles that have been dormant since Spring.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins


From locals to season regulars, we all get to holler from the lift as our friends make their first turns of the season. North Ridge is small enough that we can see everyone we missed all summer long, and give hugs and greetings to people we will make turns with for months to come. We all may be returning from different challenges in life, and in different abilities to hike those stairs, but for all of us sliding on snow helps bring us together at least for a few runs, and makes the stairs undeniably worth it.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins

It is about way more than just returning to the movement we love, we get to share something larger as a community that brings us together. We get to tune out of the stressors of life and tune into the frozen covered trees and snow around us. We share conversation on the lift over the roar of snow guns. We see our friends carve their first turns of the season, smile ear to ear. Killington has a stoke for the ski season like no other place I have been to yet, and we keep it going all the way until June. I don’t know about you, but I am stoked to be celebrating another season back.

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