Store Hours

Store Hours

Monday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Ski Rentals


Located right next to Killington Resort, Basin Sport’s Rentals are the fastest, easiest, and friendliest place to rent in Killington. Choose the perfect rental from our huge selection of skis and snowboards to fit every budget.

Questions? Give us a call at (802)422-3234 or contact us talk to us immediately!


What makes Basin rentals special?

  • Quick & friendly rental process.
  • Top of the line and quality equipment is maintained in house by our dedicated rental team
  • Professionally tuned and prepped, skis and snowboards ensuring a positive mountain experience
  • Knowledgeable, and friendly staff that understands that renting can be stressful
  • Price rates for any budget and need

What you need to know before renting

  • Reservations are not required on rental equipment but suggested for Demo equipment.
  • Rentals/Demos must be returned by 6pm. Late returns will be charged an additional day’s fee.
  • Posted rates do not cover loss, theft, damage, misuse or abuse.
  • A credit card is required for all rental/demo transactions.
  • Anyone 18 or younger must have a parent or guardian’s signature.
  • Kid and adult rates are based on equipment rented, not age.



Our top of the line performance package offers the best for ski equipment. Our team will work with you to pick out the perfect ski from our demo fleet to make sure you have the best day possible. Brands include: K2, Atomic, Rossignol, Nordica, Salomon, Armada, and Black Crows.

Available Gold Skis
Men/Unisex: Custom to Skier
Women: Custom to Skier

The Gold Package is ideal for:
-Any level skier
-Individuals looking for a personalized ski package
-A skier who wants to have the ultimate day at Killington

The Gold Package includes: 
-Your choice of high performance ski
-A pair of high performance boots (If you have your own boots, select gold skis only option)
-A pair of Leki ski poles

Note: If you own your own boots, select Gold Ski Only as your rental option

Gold Packages Start At: $70.00
Gold Skis Only Start At: $50.00

Our Silver Package is for the skier looking for equipment they can grow into while having an amazing time.

Available Silver Skis
Men/Unisex: Rossignol Experience 80
Women: Rossignol Temptation 80

The Silver Package is ideal for:
-Higher level beginners to intermediate/advanced skier
-Skiers that want to explore all parts of Killington
-Individuals that want a ski with an extended side cut
-Skiers who want to have more control at faster speeds

The Silver Package includes: 
-Your choice of  Silver Level ski
-A pair of boots (If you have your own boots, select Silver Skis only option)
-A pair of ski poles

Note: If you own your own boots, select Silver Ski Only as your rental option

Silver Packages Start At: $39.95
Silver Skis Only Start At: $29.95

Our Bronze Package is for the budget conscious skier looking to rent quality equipment designed for Killington.

Available Bronze Skis
Men/Unisex: K2 AMP Skis
Women: K2 T9 Skis

The Bronze Package is ideal for:
-Beginner to intermediate level skiers
-Individuals who love quick turning skis
-Individuals looking for excellent edge grip and turn initiation
-A ski with an all-terrain rocker (perfect for Killington)

The Bronze Package includes: 
-Your choice of  bronze ski
-A pair of boots (If you have your own boots, select Bronze Skis only option)
-A pair of ski poles

Note: If you own your own boots, select Bronze Ski Only as your rental option

Bronze Packages Start At: $24.95
Bronze Skis Only Start At: $19.95





Save big with season rentals

Renting equipment for a season is a great way to save big if you plan to ski for a week or more. Season rentals are also perfect for children that are still growing. If you aren’t quite ready to buy your own equipment but love to ski, season rentals are for you!

What's included:

  • Performance ski
  • Ski Poles 
  • Performance ski boots


Adult Ski New- $299
Adult Ski Used- $199

Adult Ski Only- $249
Adult Boot Only- $89

Junior/ Youth
New Youth (140cm+ and/or twin tips) Package- $199
New Junior Ski Package- $169
Used Youth Ski (130cm+)- $139
Used Junior Ski- $119

Junior Ski Only- $94
Used Junior Boot Only- $59
New Junior Boot- $75



If There Was A Platinum Level Rental Package This Would Be It

Choose from a special selection of demo skis in our rental area. These skis have been set aside, specific for demo ski use and are not rented out for regular use. Choose from our extensive line of demo skis by calling us directly and reserving a specific pair or let us help you find the best ski for your style of skiing. Atomic, Armada, Black Crows, Rossignol, Nordica and other special for your skiing pleasure.

Looking to buy your own gear? When you demo three pairs of demo skis we’ll credit the amount of the demos up to $140 towards the purchase of a new current model year ski.


What you get with a demo rental:

  • Your choice of a high-performance ski
  • Boots if you need them. We recommend you have your own boots if choosing a demo rental.
  • Expert advice on what ski is the best for you on a particular day


Demo Ski Rentals are available at $50 a day

Note: Demo Dollars cannot be combined with any other discount or sale


Addons To Make Sure Your Day Is Great

We rent select accessories to bundle with your ski or snowboard rental. We currently offer poles and goggles for an additional fee per day. We do not rent winter clothing at this time.


Poles: $7/day (they are included in rental packages)
Goggles: $10/day
Helmets: $10/day



Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep my rental?

If you rented a ski from our Rental Program for 1 day you must return the ski the day of rental purchase. During peak season we hold late store hours and are open long after the lifts are closed, but maybe check beforehand.

Can I pick- up my rental the day before?

Yes, you may pick-up your rental the day before. Stop by any time after 4PM and we’ll be happy to set you up on a snazzy set of skis.

Can I use my own boots?

Absolutely! You will be required to bring both boots with you though and our technicians have the right to refuse your boots if they deem them unsafe.
If the rental technician refuses to use your boots due to worn out toe/heel lugs we stock them upstairs in our boot department and new lugs won’t break the bank!

Why do I have to sign a security deposit slip?

Once the skis leave our building they’re your responsibility. Damage and even Theft can happen and it’s your responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen. If we find damage on the ski we will charge you the cost to repair the ski. If the damage is so severe it’s unfixable we will charge you the full cost of the ski. Theft also happens, though rarely and will also result in the cost of the ski being paid.
Local Tip: When heading to the lodge for beer or hot coco put the skis with in viewable range of the bar, that way you can watch your skis while you get warmed up.

Are helmets included in your rental program?

Helmets are an additional $10 per day and are not included in a rental package.