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If you are renewing your season tune please include your tune number in your purchase notes!


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Product Description

Season Tune Benefits:

  • Discounts on non-sale items. (20% service, 15% accessories, 10% clothing)
    • 10% Discount extends into summer season at True Wheels Bike Shop
  • Monday thru Wednesday overnight tunes at no charge. New for 2020/2021: 2 Pairs of Skis can be dropped of and tuned per week.
  • One free overnight tune Thursday thru Sunday per season.
  • 2 -Free Demo/s  per Season.
  • Two manufacturer free demo days, one in December and one in March exclusively for season tune holders.
  • Free summer storage provided for skis and boards


  • Couple season tune, one ski or snowboard tuned per week (up to 4 pairs per)
  • Two people (a couple) on each program under one season tune number.
  • One ski can be dropped off and tuned per week.
  • Four skis/boards in total in the program that can be rotated through the program for tuning by alternating their skis. 1 pair of skis/board per week.
  • $15 charge for dropping two skis off simultaneously.
    • For example, you might be here for several days, or are taking a ski trip and need two skis prepared in the same week.  We believe this change gives you greater flexibility without having to be burdened by a significant upfront cost increase.

Season Tune Guidelines:

  • The season tune program runs from Opening Day – Until Killington closes
  • Small repairs are free of charge.
  • Major repairs will be estimated and charged at 20% discount rate.
    • A major repair includes major base welds and edge repairs.
  • Locals can create a specialized tune plan to meet your personal needs. Please check with the shop Scott, Michael or Jean (General Manager) to design a personalized package.


Thank you for choosing Basin Sports to service your tuning needs.  We are passionate about our sport and want you to be as well.  Please let us know if we can help you with any other service or if we are not meeting your needs. ~ The Basin Sports Staff

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