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Marker Jester 18 Pro ID Ski Bindings 2019

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The Marker Jester 18 Pro ID Ski Bindings 2019 are the perfect choice for aggressive skiers and freeriders looking to stay on their skis in the most challenging conditions. With heavy duty construction and features to provide safety and confidence, as well as compatibility with multiple boot sole norms. If you’re looking for a more solid binding then come get a pair today

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Product Description

If you ski fast or competitively you can’t afford to blow out of your skis prematurely. And who knows, you might just pull out a save at 50 mph. The Marker Jester 18 Pro ID Ski Bindings are what you need holding your boots to your skis. Marker’s Triple Pivot Elite 2 toe with the “roll bar” and the Inter-Pivot 2 heel are designed to let you take it to the absolute limit and live to tell the tale.

Jester 18 Features:

  • Triple Pivot Elite 2 Toe – This toe construction allows for impressive retention when freeriding. The spring in the toe is inserted horizontally and with a sole plate inclined by 5° it provides the highest energy absorption so as to reduce the risk of early release. The large supporting surface optimizes power transmission and allows for great stresses and strains.
  • AFD Gliding Plate – Stainless steel and height adjustable, this plate is fixed on the Jester 18 Pro.
  • Sole.ID – Marker Sole.ID allows Marker Authorized Retailers to adjust Sole ID equipped bindings to every type of adult ski boot sole, from ISO 5355 Alpine to ISO 9523 Touring, with a height adjustable gliding plate (AFD).
  • Inter-Pivot 2 Heel – The stunning heel construction delivers superior holding power for freeriding. The Inter Pivot Heel directs the power forces in the angle of elasticity improving the holding power and reducing pre-releases.

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