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Snow Report for October 18, 2015 (Opening Day) Killington Snow Report

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

Killington Opening Day
October 18, 2015 Starts of ski season in the USA at Killington resort. (C) Killington Resort
Opening Day
Hiking up for early turns yesterday, Kelly and Tucker didn’t waste any time. (C) Tadkl via instagram

Today sparked the start of ski season for the United States of America, with Killington Resort starting up the guns and blasting off into infinity- behold the cumulative Killington Snow Report brought to you by Basin Sports.  Killington made a break for it after hearing of Sunday River, their biggest rival’s planned opening day of Monday October 19, 2015.  Killington, being known for its slogan, “winter starts when we say so.” Couldn’t let Sunday River beat them out.  So the guns began blowing yesterday morning and the ski trails of Rime and Reason were set to open at noon.  This morning a giddy chaos ensued when Killington bumped their opening time to 9:30AM.  Some couldn’t wait though and Basin Sports friends and customers, Kelly and Tucker Lange took to the slopes last night and got in the first turns of the season.  If you see them, you are to address them as the King and Queen of the Mountain, since they’re royalty after all.

We’ll add more photo’s as we get more reports on conditions.  Reason will open at 11 after park features are set in place. Expect early season conditions.  It’s in the low 20’s with light wind right now, make sure those edges are sharp and bring the beer!

Opening_Day Powder

Huge Thanks to Kelly and Tucker for sharing their photo’s from today! You guys rock!

P.S It snowed 3″ overnight and is snowing at the store now! (10:00AM)

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