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$ 750


  • All brands
  • Jones
  • K2
  • Never Summer
  • Ride
  • Salomon

Manufacturing Year

  • 2021
  • 2022


  • Men/Unisex
  • Women


  • Black/Grey
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Brown/Tan
  • Purple
  • Yellow/Gold

Best Use

  • All-Mountain
  • Carving
  • Freeride/Park & Pipe
  • Powder

Freeride Snowboards


2022 K2 Afterblack X Tony Hawk X Birdhouse


The 2022 K2 X Tony Hawk X Birdhouse is Afterblack Snowboard is a premium freestyle snowboard that's meant for night missions, wall rides, huge airs, and promise to give the unbeatable confidence on the pow.

2022 Jones Stratos


The Jones Stratos is a hybrid all-mountain board built with the body of a directional freeride board and the spirit of a freestyle board.

2022 Jones Flagship


The 2022 Jones Flagship excels in technical terrain and is one the most confidence inspiring freeride boards on the planet.

2022 Never Summer East


The 2022 Never Summer Peacemaker is a true twin six-shooter with a soft mid-section flex that gets you locked in on rails and pressing hard a mile high.

2022 Ride Warpig


The 2022 Ride Warpig features the revolutionary Slim Wall technology, the evolutionary advancement of the Ride's Roll-in construction push this board to its most extreme limit.


2021 K2 Party Platter


The 2021 K2 Party Platter Snowboard stays true to the personality and DNA of the Party Platters in the past, focusing on all-terrain enjoyment.

2021 Salomon HSP Wollie Nyvelt


The Salomon HPS Wollie Nyvelt is wide for float, but responsive edge-to-edge, shape allows the riders to be perfectly balanced.

2022 Ride Berzerker


The 2022 Ride Berzerker is unmatched when it comes to smooth transitions between turns, the ultimate board for riders looking for all-mountain performance.

2022 Jones Mind Expander


The 2022 Jones Mind Expander is an alternative all-mountain board that wants to slash every terrain feature in sight, made for the creative rider who draws lines blending freestyle, freeride and surf styles.

2022 Never Summer Ripper


The new Never Summer Ripper features Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, a twin shape, directional stance, and a powerful flex.

2022 Salomon Dancehaul


The 2022 Salomon Dancehaul is built in mind for any level of park performance, from dance floor jibbers to the most skilled riders, the Salomon No Drama comes equipped with a professional package to deliver over the top performance.

2022 Never Summer Shaper Twin


The 2022 Never Summer Shaper Twin is the most versatile and unique board on the slopes that's twin in length, yet tapered in direction, and able to give you balanced and exceptional performance in every terrain ventured.

2022 Never Summer Harpoon


The 2022 Never Summer Harpoon is the best performing tapered, volume board ever imagined. Amazingly nimble, with smooth and great stability.