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Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont

Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont And What Makes True Wheels Rental Fleet Stand Out From the Pack

Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont
Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont

True Wheels Bike Shop in Killington, Vermont is in Basin Sports and has had a presence in the Killington Valley since the early 90’s and offers Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont. Basin Sports has been around since the 50’s but biking has always been a big part of the value that the store brings to the table. With the ever increasing presence of cyclist visiting Killington having the opportunity to try a high quality rental bike is key.

There’s a Couple Key Features That Puts True Wheels at Basin Sports Rentals Apart From the Rest:

  1. Our Rental Fleet is New

Whether it’s road, trail or downhill we have them all and at the end of each bike season we sell our bikes off. That mean we purchase new bikes every season so that customers can enjoy the best possible rental product we can offer. It’s also good to mention that after Labor Day we list these rental bikes for sale. If you don’t have the coin to get into something new but was really digging your rental this would be the time to jump on one.

  1. We Offer Bikes For All Skill Levels

It’s true, you don’t need a full on downhill mountain bike to ride the green trails at Killington Resort, in fact an All-Mountain Trail bike would probably be twice as fun for the new-to-the-sport rider. The great thing about our fleet of trail bikes is that their multi-level fun machines. From the advanced extreme level hucker to the first time rider our all-mountain trail bikes can be set up and customized to accommodate your skill set.

We don’t want to leave the more advanced level riders out either though. Maybe you’re looking to invest in a bike that’s yours. That’s why we carry a complete line-up of 200mm Dual Crown Mountain Bikes. Our premier downhill bike the Santa Cruz V10 is the optimal option for the advanced level rider. This full carbon, dual crown speed machine will bring a new definition to the term gnarly.

  1. Our Prices Are Cheaper

We try to offer a better package per dollar spent on our rental bikes which is why our prices are $5-$25 cheaper than many of our competitors. Experience more knowing you got a great deal.

  1. You Can Reserve In Advance

Call ahead or fill out our Rental Reservation Form and have your bike set-up and ready for you when you get here. All we need is a signature and you’re out the door. It’s that easy. We do recommend that riders visiting on holidays to give us decent notice so we can have the bike for you. If you really wanted to try out that Santa Cruz Bronson or Juliana Furtado definitely reserve in advance.

  1. We Don’t Charge late Fees

$20 because you didn’t get back to the shop before 6? No Worries, we don’t want to deal with late fees any more than you do. Be respectful of our policies and we’ll be flexible on the rental return.

Rentals can be that easy and should be. Besides a full fleet of road, trail and downhill bikes we have all the accessories that go with it. So don’t worry, breath deep and enjoy the Green Mountain State in it’s original state.

Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont
Mountain Bike Rentals in Killington Vermont

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