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Rainy Day Rumble

Rainy day rumble

Rainy Day Rumble is part of a Weekly Editorial Series for the Mountain Times Newspapers Switching Gears Section
Rainy Day Rumble

Rainy Day Rumble, Saturday rides for me always start out the same at Killington. I’ve got two hours to get as many runs in as possible before I have to head back to work. This past Saturday I arrived early, got the first chair and hoped that the impending rain storm would hold off. I got three runs in on Snowshed before the rain hit — I was clearly unprepared with my T-shirt and shorts combo. The rain came an hour earlier than expected and I wasn’t about to stop riding—I still had an hour!
So there I am riding up the Snowshed Quad in my T-shirt and shorts shivering my butt off and it hit me — I have it way better than the lift operators. They have to stand at the top and bottom of the lift all day, rain or shine, hauling heavy mountain bikes on and off the lift. Not only that but they have to listen to all the happy-faced people talk about how amazing the trails are. That must be painful, man, I could never be a liftie!
That day, in particular I really appreciated what Killington’s lift operators do. While I get to take lap after lap they have to stand there loading bikes in the rain. Granted they have the protection of the lift loading areas so they’re not getting completely pelted by rain but it still isn’t the most ideal situation. For that I’m thankful for the hard working people at Killington Resort. Even in the worst conditions they’re still smiling, handing out high fives and doing their jobs well.
This coming weekend we have another lift opening: K-1, which means off-the-peak mountain biking as well as operations seven days a week. I cannot wait to put in some serious hours on the downhill bike and cannot wait to see more smiling faces up there. Next time you’re up at the mountain taking runs, just take a moment and tell the lefties “thank you,” after all, if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t be able to enjoy lift-served mountain biking.

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Bikes For Sale

Specialized Bikes For Sale

Specialized Camber 29er (S/M/L) $1250
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Great Trail bike. Used as rental bikes in a small bike shops rental fleet. Relatively low miles for a rental bike compared to larger mountain rental operations. 29″ wheels, medium and large frames available with 110mm of travel. Bikes have been serviced regularly and is in excellent condition. Sold as is, please call the store if you have any additional questions. 802-422-3234.

Camber (Lg) 4

Camber (Lg) 6

Camber (Lg)

Camber (Lg)2

Specialized Status II (M) $1950 SOLD

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Low miles rental bikes for sale. Status II for sale that has seen light use and been regularly serviced. In excellent condition with minor surface blemishes. 200mm of travel, 26″ wheels and a medium and large frame available. Bikes is sold as is and price is firm. Please call the store if you have any other questions at 802-422-3234.

StatusII(Lg) StatusII(lg)3StatusII(Lg)4StatusII(Lg)2StatusII(Lg)7



Specialized Demo 8 (M) $2200 SOLD

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Demo 8 for sale. Seen light use in a small bike shops rental fleet with very low miles. Been serviced regularly and in excellent condition. 200mm of travel, 26″ wheels and medium frame. World Cup geometry making it a great bike for the gravity inclined individual. Bike is sold as is and price is firm. Please call the shop if you have any other questions at 802-422-3234.








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Trail Updates for Rutland County

Photo Credit: Dirt Rag Magazine

While we wait for Killington Resort to open for Mountain biking we’ve found surrounding trail networks to be running quite well.  Pine Hill Park and Green Mountain Trails are our closest trail networks for mountain biking and have seen minimal rain in this past weeks weather.  There is a slight chance of rain this coming weekend and into next week, but not enough to damage trail conditions.  Here’s the trail updates for the surronding trails in the Killington Area.

Pine Hill Park: 

Pine Hill has the tendency to dry out very quickly.  Currently open 100%, this is a great place to ride for the intermediate rider looking to get some miles in.  It can also prove fun for the more advanced riders with small rock features and technical trails like stegosaurus.  Trail work has been occurring on Droopy Muffing and Sore Elbow reroute, so be aware of trail works and soft trail conditions in those sections.  There are womens group rides every thursday at 6:00PM and kids rides on friday.

10314008_10204150572943345_2881745410596138853_nGreen Mountain Trails: 

GMT is a hidden gem boast long flowy singletrack.  These trails tend to dry a bit slower and you can expect wet patches here and there.  Make sure your cardio is in decent shape for this trail network though as the goods are only reachable after a 6 mile uphill climb.  Most certainly worth the uphill battle and an absolute must for any bike enthusiast.


Friday, June 19th: 30% Chance of Rain, Partly Cloudy Skies with temps in the upper 60’s.  Strong Gusts reaching 25MPH in some areas.

Saturday June 20th: Sunny with temps in the low 70’s and calm winds.

Sunday June 21st: Chance of showers/ thunderstorms 70%, Hi temps in the low 70’s

Monday June 22nd:  Slight chance of showers in the morning, clearing to partly cloudy skies and temps in the mid 70’s


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Bike Report for May 29, 2015 (Ski Season is Officially Over)

Mother Nature gives, and she takes away too. Unfortunately, the time has come to call it a season. Last night’s storm dropped significant amounts of rain and we’ve just lost too much snow to continue. Thus, we will not operate any more for this season. Killington Resort

For many of us this announcement isn’t the start of bike season.  For many of us we’ve already been biking for a few months now.  I personally have been road biking since April, attempting to get my cardio up so I can be fit for mountain bike season.  Mountain Bike wise, Killington Resort isn’t technically open just yet for bike season.  That happens June 26th.  But some who know their way around have venture up there and say there are a few blowdowns and sticks everywhere.  Also keep in mind if you do plan on “earning your turns”  that the trails are not marked and aren’t actually open so bike with care.

There are plenty of other places to mountain bike in the area that are actually open.  Pine Hill Park for one has been open for a while now and is a great training ground for early season skills practice and cardio enhancement.  Pine Hill has been surprisingly dry and trails have held up very well after a long winter.  Half- pipe could use some love and though exit strategy saw some trail work, the first two turns are a little soft.

Green Mountain Trails are also open in Pittsfield and I personally don’t get into there into late June just because my cardio isn’t up to par for the 6 mile climb.  Those who have gone in there have said it’s pretty good, a little wet in some places which is expected but still pretty tacky.  I did mention the 6 mile climb up but it’s well worth it, the downhill is some of the best trail in the area.

We’ll be keeping the reports at a weekly posting until the mountain re-opens for bike season.  I’ll be venturing up to the kingdom for a few weeks coming up and will try and give some trail insight for that area.

Rutland Weather Outlook
Rutland Weather Outlook
Killington Weather Outlook
Killington Weather Outlook


First ride at Pine Hill
True Wheels Team Rider Jordan Newth with his new Enduro Rig.
True Wheels Team Rider Jordan Newth with his new Enduro Rig.



Early season dialing at Bromont
Early season dialing at Bromont
Pine Hill
Pine Hill



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Weekend Update for September 26, 2014

Fall_FoliageWe went from cool, winter like temps back to late summer weather over the last week, officially welcoming fall and bringing us to our weekend update for the last weekend of September. Temps have been staying in the 70’s and the leaves have peaked and are starting to brown.  Speaking of peak, this is prime mountain bike weather and Killington remains open until October 13th. With the Spartan Race having come to a close the Resort is running 7-days a week until closing, ensuring you get in the most mountain biking riding while you can.  The K-1 Gondola runs 10-5 servicing upper mountain bike trails while the Snowshed Express will open on the weekends servicing more beginner terrain. Hopefully snow-making will begin once mountain biking season officially closes but, we’ll keep you posted on the status of that.  That gives you three to four weeks to get your winter set-up together and your bike a final check-up before putting it away for the winter.

Columbus Day sales are in effect on all 2015 gear so, remember to ask Basin Ski Shop employees about our sale when you’re in shopping. We are also having a huge bike sale.  Both road and mountain bikes are for sale at the lowest prices they’ve been all year.  Bikes are selling fast though so don’t wait, now’s the time to buy!


As we move into October the Killington brewfest will beWinter_Biking going on the 3rd and 4th and is already selling out.  Then, the following weekend of October 10th through 13th is Basin Ski Shops annual Columbus Day Sale.  Cookies and Cider will be available as we get people ready for winter.  If you want to buy your season tune package, remember to purchase it by Columbus Day as prices will increase after our annual sale weekend.

We still have bikes available for rental to, so if you’ve been thinking about trying mountain biking we will hook you up with the right gear and make sure you have the most fun possible.  Winter is coming, so get ready!

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Pine Hill Park

By Matty Hauke

Besides Killington Resort, I also enjoy pedaling at Pine Hill Park in Rutland. They have been consistently maintaining the trail system and manicuring many existing paths making it fun for all ages and levels of riders. I have been doing a lot of night riding at Pine Hill Park in the past week, and it really offers a different perspective on the trails there. It’s quiet, peaceful, and you rarely see anyone else while you’re there. I took my two boys riding there this past Sunday, and though it was daytime, we didn’t see anyone else in the park. We had the trails to our self and they loved it! We made it up to the top of Pine hill overlooking Rocky Pond, and took a break enjoying the views. When the boys were done throwing rocks in the pond we mounted up and rode down some flowy, bermy trails that even my boys made look easy. It really amazes that the Pine Hill trail system works great if you are climbing or descending the trail- it’s a well thought out design. So if you are looking to change it up and tackle something a little less aggressive than Killington, Pine Hill Park is your place to be. It has miles of trails plus it is Kid and novice friendly with plenty of sights and fun to be had.

If you want any info about local trail systems feel free to call me or any of our bike staff at 1-802- 422-3234

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Fall Mountain Biking at Killington Resort

A view of the Green Mountains

Fall Mountain Biking at Killington Resort

By Matty Hauke

Brrrr, who turned off the heat?! There are definitely signs that winter is right around the corner. And no, it is not the foliage or that the mountain has been swarming with lift mechanics and snowmakers. It does definitely feel like someone turned off the heat and cranked the window fan up to three. But, I do live in Vermont and this state is known for its bizarre, unpredictable weather. Now don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy biking and hiking in the fall season. But, what I really love is those warm sunny days thrown in between the cold and crisp ones. Those days really allow your body to slowly acclimate to the changing climate and prepare for the cold and snowy winter ahead.

A misty view from the top of Killington
A misty view from the top of Killington

It’s starting to get a little chilly!

On my most recent climb up Killington, I was astonished at the amount of flora that had begun to change color. The foliage is a welcomed sign to my eyes because, though summer is a fun season, the color change in foliage starts to hint that winter is right around the corner. Introducing the new color spectrums of red, yellow, orange and purple gives a new perspective on the terrain. The bike trails already offer amazing views but, with the added bonus of fall foliage the ride down the mountain was spectacular.

Killington will remain open for summer operations until October 13th, so get your riding in while you still have the chance. If you want any info about local trail systems feel free to call me or any of our bike staff at 1-802- 422-3234

Stay Tuned for Part 2, when I take you to Pine Hill Park in Rutland, Vermont.   

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A First Timer’s Perspective on Downhill Mountain Biking- Christine Torrey

Christine Crushing it in the Stash.

A first timer’s perspective on Downhill Mountain Biking

By Ariel Kent

Downhill Mountain biking is the act of biking down a mountain with 35+ pounds of metal between your legs, moving at speeds often well over 40 MPH.  Downhilling takes a great deal of physical endurance and mental focus, and is absolutely the perfect sport for the adrenaline seeking junky.  For our CEO and President of Basin Ski Shop, Christine Torrey, Downhill Mountain Biking was a sport that was rather terrifying to even think possible for her.  Most employees at Basin Ski Shop would consider Christine to be a passive aggressive adrenaline seeker.  Meaning, she enjoys the thrill of extreme sports but is cautious to initially make the move.  Once she initially engages in the sport though, there is no stopping her.

This past week Christine, her friend Kaitlyn, and Out of Bounds Snowboard Manager Matty Hauke, geared up and headed to the mountain to partake in what would become one of Christine’s new favorite sports.  I was fortunate enough to steal Christine away from her busy schedule and ask her a few questions about here experience.

A: So this was your first Time Downhill Mountain Biking.  How did you feel going into it?

C: I was nervous but excited.  Definitely nervous!

What do you think benefited you the most going into Downhilling?

I think that being a Mountain Biker [Cross Country] definitely helped and I’d never been on a bike like that before [Specialized Status 2], so it was different, definitely bouncy so I could go over everything.  Seeing that I could go over the rocks and I could bounce over stuff, made it easier.   I felt safe with the pads, I rented pads and I had the full face helmet but the goggles, they kept fogging up so that was a little bit of an issue but, I definitely felt safe in that sense.  Matty took me on some crazy trails and I had to walk a few places but it was good.

So I know you’ve hiked and biked the lower section of Killington.  What did it feel like riding on the upper mountain? Terrifying?

Laughs, Yeah it was the loose gravel.  The work roads are really scary to me, I felt like that’s where I might crash the most, but then when he [Matty] brought me down some of the black diamonds, sometimes I would psych myself out and other times I would just go for it, and you’d be so pumped that you made it.

Was there any specific trail you liked the most? What was fun about it?

My favorite two trails were 21 and 13.  The upper section of 21 was my favorite section, but I loved 13.  6 and 9 were also fun and had some good sections there.  Matty took us down cables as well and that was fun.

What did you find to be the most difficult part of Downhill Mountain Biking?

The most difficult part was the jumps.  There would be jumps and I would just feel like I would hit and I was going to go over the handlebars.  I have to learn how to [modulate braking], because Matty would watch me brake and I would almost crash.  I would brake and the bike would come up and almost hit me from behind.  I crashed once and slid and it was because I braked.  But that’s the hardest part though, because you could see the jump coming and you know your bike can go over it, but then I don’t just let it go.

If you could do it again what would you improve upon?

Well I wanted to ride today, but we we’re too busy.  I had a downhilling date planned! I would improve on my weight [balancing over the bike], using the brakes, and I need to learn how to just bike better.  Those bikes are big and it’s tiring.  By the second run I was already tired and they wanted to do a third run and I had to say I will hurt myself so I stopped.

Matty, Christine, and Kaitlyn
Christine and Kaytlin
Christine and Kaytlin on Trail
The Gang
Ready to Shred










For more info on the gear Christine used click below!



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Killington Bike Park Trail Report for Friday August 29, 2014


As we move closer to Labor Day, we will begin to cut back on our daily bike reports to weekends only as bike season comes to a close. For today, temps will remain in the low 70’s with sunny skies and light wind.  A similar forecast is predicted for tomorrow with sunny skies and low 70’s temps.  The K-1 Gondola will run from 10-5 today, servicing all 34 open trails.  We have not seen a ton of rain in the past few days, so expect things to be dry and loose.  The access road in particular will start kicking stones and loosening up in the turns so be ready to drop a foot as you are likely to lose your rear end through the turns.  For a technical, fun trail I’d suggest trying #23 Low Rider.

  • Shop pick trail of the day is #23 Low Rider
  • Warnings: Dry conditions

Don’t forget to stop by True Wheels Bike Shop and rent one of our demo bikes.

  • Level 1: Specialized FSR Model- Camber Comp 29

o   $60 a day

  • Level 2: Specialized Downhill/Freeride Model- Santa Cruz Bronson/ Specialized Rumor

o   $70 a day

  • Level 3: Specialized Downhill Model- Specialized Status II

o   $85 a day

  • Level 4: Specialized Downhill World Cup Model- Demo 8 I

o   $95 a day

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Trail Number Trail Name Trail Difficulty Trail Distance Status
1 Take it Easy Green 3.8 Mile Open
1A Keep Taken’ It Easy Green 0.8 Mile Open
2 The Light Green 1.7 Mile Open
3 Solitude Blue 1 Mile Open
4 Double O Blue 0.7 Mile Open
5 Pipe Dream Blue 0.5 Open
6 Six Blue 2 Mile Open
7 Scarecrow Black 2.5 Mile Open
8 Flume Loop Blue 0.8 Mile Open
9 Sister of Six Black 0.7 Mile Open
10 Junk Yard Dog Green 1 Mile Open
11 The Outback Black 2.7 Mile Open
12 Wood Stove Black 0.7 Mile Open
13 Hold On Black 0.7 Mile Open
14 Squeeze Play Black 0.8 Mile Open
15 Ramshead Road Black 0.4 Mile Open
16 Edgemont Loop Blue 1.3 Mile Open
17 Highride Run Green 1.8 Mile Open
18 Cable Trail Black 0.2 mile Open
19 Wits Wiggle Green 0.7 Mile Open
21 Piper Black 1.5 Mile Open
22 Hammer Green 0.7 Mile Open
23 Low Rider Double Black 0.7 Mile Open
24 Roller Blue 0.75 Mile Open
25 Highlander Blue 0.5 Mile Open
26 Rabbit Run Blue 0.5 Mile Open
27 Northbrook Green 0.6 Mile Open
28 Beauty Blue 0.3 Mile Open
29 Beast Black 1.5 Mile Open
30 Funny Bone Double Black 1.5 Mile Open
31 Stinky Black 0.4 Mile Open
32 Chunnel Double Black 0.7 Mile Open
33 Yo Vinny Double Black 0.6 Mile Open
34 Foxy Roxy Double Black 0.5 Mile Open