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Top 3 Skis of 2018 From Basin Sports in Killington, Vermont

Top 3 Skis of 2018 And Why You Should Be Taking A Closer Look

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Top 3 Skis of 2018

I did it, I narrowed down my selection from 5 Top skis to 3. I wasn’t wildly impressed by the ski industry this year. That’s not to say there weren’t amazing skis by all the ski companies because when isn’t there really? In a way it felt similar to the slump that the bike industry is having. Maybe I’ve just gotten pickier about my choices. I’m like a food critic but for skis! Typically I would do top 4 or top 5 skis of the year but really got strict on my preferences and requirements to make it onto this list. Two of the skis on this list are entirely new skis the other is hitting it’s 1 year birthday. I’ll explain my reasoning as I progress through the skis.

2018 Nordica Enforcer Pro

This ski will be available for pre-season purchase at Basin Sports. Nordica has been hugely popular with the Enforcer line and as we move into next year will be offering narrower and wider waist width options. The Nordica Enforcer Pro is unique though. Boasting 115 underfoot the 2018 Nordica Enforcer Pro will only be available in the 191 length. The rocker in itself is also different. With a rocker profile mirroring the retired Helldorado this ski will be perfect for the shredder looking to replace their old black on black ass kickers. Big Mountain minded the 2018 Nordica Enforcer Pro is no joke. With a 21.5 meter turn radius this ski is for advanced level skiers. A mention in itself for the Top 3 Skis of 2018 due to its appealing name and joke inspiring name. Do you think your pro enough for the 2018 Nordica Enforcer Pro?


  • 143-115-132
  • 9 Meter Turn Radius
  • Only Available in 191
  • Big Mtn Inspired and a direct replacement of the Helldorado
  • Unique Rocker Profile
  • Same Layup as other enforcers

2018 Atomic Vantage x 83 Cti

This ski will be celebrating its 1st birthday this year as it’s been around for a year but is notable in the Top 3 Skis of 2018. I’ve noticed an interesting trend with any and all Atomic Skis though. They almost never get the recognition they deserve in their debut year. It isn’t until their second season that they start racking up awards. Think about the Atomic Vantage 100 Cti and the Women’s Vantage 95 C. Both won awards this year but this is their second season in existence. So I predict that the 2018 Atomic Vantage X 83 CTi will win some awards next season and here’s why.

First off not much has changed, just minor tweaks to make it better than it already is. This ski is perfect for those hard pack ski days or groomer days. They’re in fact quite forgiving in bumps too which I found incredibly surprising. For 2018 you’ll see a new graphic on the 83. Less loud and in your face. Last year’s ski was Neon Orange vs the 2018 which is blackout with orange highlights, much more sexy if you ask me. The only other major difference between 2017 and 2018 is the beefed up layup underfoot. Not that it wasn’t all there, it’s just more there than ever before.

I like this ski because at 174cm it has a 16.4 turn radius. It’s got a carbon mesh and Ti backbone construction. All while keeping that 10/90/0 rocker profile that the iconic Atomic Redster has. Don’t forget the plate system that looks incredibly similar to the race plate on the Redster. All this at $899 (bindings included). A hell of a deal and a hell of a diverse ski. I wouldn’t overlook this ski this coming season. Often passed by, this ski has rockets attached to the tails of it….At least that’s what it feels like.


  • New Graphic
  • Beefed Up Underfoot
  • 4meter turn radius @ 174
  • AMT Rocker 10/90/0
  • Ti Backbone 2.0
  • Carbon Tank Mesh
  • Plated System Ski

2018 Armada Tracer 98

Basin Sports Staff Favorite and all-around 2018 Pick of the year.

The 2018 Armada Tracer 98 was the third Top 3 Skis of 2018 and was number 2 on my list of favorite skis at the New England Test Fest this year. I skied the test fest the day it decided to drop a foot of snow on us. My number 1 ski was 115 underfoot for reference. A 98mm ski on a powder day was #2?! Yes, yes it was. Also I should note that this ski has no metal in it. But don’t let that turn you away. See Armada came out with this tech called Xrystal Mesh. It feels like metal but it isn’t. This ski was light, playful and nimble. A foot of champagne powder? No Problem. Tight New England Trees to wide open powder fields I was surprised and amazed at how well this ski handled. The 2018 Armada Tracer 98 is part of the Tracer collection and comes in narrower and wider waist widths. Ladies should look to the Trace series which boasts the same construction but with a better graphic.

Armada has come a long way since its Freestyle Days. I love the older generation whose been taking out the invicta skis by Armada and say how surprised they are that a “freestyle” rooted ski company has such a diverse collection. Don’t overlook Armada, they’re legit.


  • New Series
  • No Metal/ Instead Xrystal Mesh
  • Hybrid Ultra-light core
  • Tour/ AT Ready
  • @172/ 130-98-121
  • 5m radius @172

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