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Top 4 Skis Of 2017 – At Least In Our Opinion

Top 4 Skis Of 2017 A Look At What’s In Store

Classifying the Top 4 Skis of 2017 is no small feat.  For one thing I have to narrow down a plethora of skis out there to four and well this year is sure full of surprises and a few oddities. SIA is over, orders are in and President’s Week is almost over.  With the way winter has been going for us here on the east coast many of us who are multi- seasonal are chomping at the bit to get into mountain bike season which hopefully produces a better season that the wintery mixture we’ve received this year. But I’m getting sidetracked and well let’s get down to the Top 4 Skis of 2017.


  1. 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD



Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD



Let’s be honest here for a second. The S 7 series was getting a little stale. The once best-selling ski in the world needed a makeover and Rossignol delivered.  The 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD is the new and improved Soul 7 with a few major changes. We’re going to look past the (in my opinion) horrendous color scheme and focus on construction because that’s the more important part right?

What you can look forward to is a new carbon alloy and paulownia core construction. This makes the ski a bit stiffer in attempt to reduce that pesky tip and tail flap and increase stability that was lacking in previous models. You’re still getting that air tip technology and powder turn rocker but the major changes are the construction of the core and laminate integration. Turn radius and dimensional specs are identical, but Rossignol felt a makeover was needed and the new and improved 2017 Soul 7 HD is bound to attract a new audience.


  1. 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93mm


Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2017 Nordica Enforcer 93



With the tremendous success Nordica had with the Enforcer this year (Ski Magazine Ski Of the Year) they felt it was only right to expand the enforcer collection and offer a different waist option. Behold the 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 a new addition to the Nordica Enforcer family. With dimensions of 126-93-114 and the same construction as it’s big brother it’s bound to catch the attention of east coast rippers.

This flat mount, full sidewall ski guarantees that you can lay the edge over and carve up a storm with these bad boys.  And we have a few left from our early release order available, but you have to call to get in on the goodies.

p.s… rumor has it a wider than 100mm waist option may be in the works for 2017/18


  1. 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti

(Photo Coming Soon/ It Looks Rad Though)

A crowd favorite at SIA this year the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is turning heads. Five years ago a lot of people wouldn’t even consider Armada as a major company in the ski industry. And they weren’t, they had a major freestyle following then. Since then Armada has gained momentum as an All- Mountain/ Freeride Ski company and have been producing some kick ass skis. They’ve tried really hard to cater to a wider audience and for 2017 I think they knocked the nail right on the head. The 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is not a park ski, in fact it’s classified as an All- Mountain Directional Ski.

Construction wise there’s no messing around with these sticks and I wouldn’t recommend this ski to a beginner. The 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti comes with two sheets of titanal (One on top, one on the bottom) and Carbon Kevalar Struts in the laminate. At 133-99-123 this ski sports dimensions similar to any popular All- Mountain ski in the 100mm waist range and even has a power lite core. The difference being that the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti sports tip rocker soley with a flat tail for more camber underfoot.  This ski would be a good option as an aggressive in-bounds dawn patrol type ski if you wanted to mount it up as a tour option. Obviously, you don’t have to go tour but, as an All- Mountain ski the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is going to be a powerhouse option and is one of Top 4 Skis Of 2017.


  1. 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI


Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2016 Atomic 100 CTI. 2017 Shares same color way with slight differences in lettering layout.



If you read our Top 4 Skis Of 2016 from last year, you’ll recognize the 100 and I’m putting it back on here for a reason.  This ski was (what I felt) kind of left behind due to the popularity of the Nordica Enforcer this year and it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around it because almost every skier that works in this shop has bought a pair of Atomic Vantages and yet It fails to get the recognition it deserves. The 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI shares similar characteristics of its popular counterpart but there’s a few major differences.

The biggest would be rocker design. The 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI has 20% Tip Rocker and 10% Mild tail Rocker. The 2017 Nordica Enforcer has 25/5 Rocker and that slight difference makes all the difference. For one thing the effective edge (The edge in contact with the snow) is more forward on the Vantage making edge initiation easier. Next Carbon, mhmmm carbon. Carbon Tank Mesh makes the Vantage snappy as hell and incredibly dynamic. That combined with its titanium backbone makes this ski an incredibly fun multi- dynamic ski. Having that effective edge more forward means that when you’re on edge and preparing to exit the turn, your skis stay stable underfoot and don’t “wash out” on exit. They power in and out of the turn.

Ice, Crud, Slush, Powder the 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI can do it all and will transform your ski experience from a “meh” kind of ski day to an amazing day on snow which is why it’s one of the Top 4 Skis Of 2017.


To Conclude


Just to be clear, I started off with the intention to write up a top 5 skis blog. And well, I wasn’t super impressed with some of the things coming out this year. Many are attempts at older concepts from five years ago that didn’t work. But Niche is in and hey maybe they’ll work. Now to wrap up this blog…

These are the Top 4 Skis Of 2017 for a reason. They’re dynamic, stable and work in a multitude of conditions. All these skis are in the 100mm All- Mountain class because that’s the biggest ski audience at the moment. If narrower skis is your cup of tea, or maybe you’re a “powdah hound” then calling us is the best route you could take.  We won’t force a ski upon you just for the sale either, sharing passion is our number one goal and we’d rather see you on snow than not at all.

These Skis are not available on our website yet but many of their 2016 Counterparts are and can be found by clicking the buttons below.


2017 SIA Ski Collection Sneak Peak

2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI

2016 Nordica Enforcer

2016 Rossignol Soul 7 


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