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  • All brands
  • Hestra
  • Jones
  • Swany

Manufacturing Year

  • 2022


  • Men/Unisex
  • Women


  • Black/Grey
  • White
  • Red


  • Insulated
  • Glove
  • Mitten
  • Accessories


  • Polyester
  • Nylon

Women's Winter Gloves/Mittens

Jones Aviator Neckwarmer


The Jones Aviator Neckwarmer is made with Repreve, a unique 100% recycled lightweight polyester. Repreve is primarily made from recycled plastic bottles and is certified to contain 80% post-consumer recycled content (plastic bottles) and 20% pre-consumer

Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX Glove


The Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX Glove is a long-cuffed and durable alpine ski glove for those who need a warm and dry glove, in really tough weather conditions, at a high activity level.

Swany X-Cell Mitt W


The Swany X-Cell Mitt is one of the warmest ski gloves available with a Volcotek heat shield and a waterproof and breathable insert that will keep you dry on the slopes no matter the conditions.

Hestra Patrol Gauntlet 5-Finger Glove W


The Hestra Army Leather Heli 5-Finger Glove is a warm and durable glove made from proofed Army Goat Leather and a removeable polyester liner with G-loft insulation.

Swany Extreme 2N1 Mitt W


The Swany Extreme 2N1 Mitt is for when you're looking for total warm, providing everything you need for when you need it most. Made with Polartec NeoShell and Removeable Nylon Mitt.

Hestra Patrol Gauntlet Mitt W


The Hestra Patrol Gauntlet Mitt is warm and durable, made from proofed Army Goat Leather and a removeable liner with G-loft insulation, making it easy to take out to dry or wash.

Swany X-Cell Glove W


The Swany X-Cell Glove will keep you dry and warmer longer thanks to its Tri-plex insulation system with Volcotek heat shield to make one of the warmest ski gloves available.

Swany X-Change Glove W


The Swany X-Change Glove reclaims its place as one of the best-selling all around ski and snowboarding glove, with updated fabric and a new look that's made for the backcountry and designed for varying conditions.