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  • Intense

Manufacturing Year

  • 2021
  • 2022


  • Men/Unisex
  • Women


  • Black/Grey
  • Red


2021 Intense Primer 29 Expert


The 2021 Intense Primer 29 Expert is true to the trail, with 140mm/150mm travel and super fast 29" wheels, this bike will give you trail-flattening speed over any obstacle, both on tough climbs and technical descents.

2022 Intense 951 Trail Sport


The 2022 Intense 951 Trail Sport is the perfect do-it-all full suspension trail bike. With 140mm of rear travel and confidence-inspiring geometry, this carbon frame bike will feel just as stable surfing down rough terrain as it does pedaling up.

2022 Intense Primer 275


The 2022 Intense Primer 275 is fast, flickable, and fun, with 140mm/150mm travel that makes this trial bike pure perfect... everywhere. The Primer 275 has all of the DNA of its bigger wheeled sibling, the Primer 29, but this time on nimble 27.5” wheels.

2021 Intense 951 XC Sport


The 2021 Intense 951 XC Sport is for when you want to go on a quick loop of your local trails or an epic all day adventure. It's everything you could want in a modern day cross-country bike.

2021 Intense Sniper Expert


The 2021 Intense Sniper Expert is a pure full-suspension cross-country trail bike with a true INTENSE spirit. With the same soul as its sibling the Sniper XC, it features a super lightweight full carbon frame, rolling on 29” wheels.